Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

I'm Totally Lost in LOST!

I can't believe the show is finally over! Although the episode finale slightly disappointed me, I never cease to love Lost! Well, I still have lots of questions about it. I mean, it's like you waste all your energy trying to connect the puzzle about the island, and you only get vague answers about them. But I still love it. I cried like a baby during the 2.5 hours show, it was a tear-jerking episode. I guess you really have to accept that there are still unsolved mystery about the island, and leave it that way. Otherwise you'd go crazy if you still try to analyze it:).

As a devoted Lostie, of course I always have this urge to make fan arts of the show:-). Here are some of them:
*click for larger view*
Lost casts on their happy time :D
My favorite casts!
I want to join Team Jacob!
From my experience, drawing the female characters were harder than the male characters. There was a lot of revisions while drawing the girls, especially Juliet Burke. As you can see, the girls in my drawings still lacking facial resemblance. Otherwise, I enjoyed so much drawing Jacob and MiB. Hehe I guess I am being subjective as a die-hard fan girl of  Mark Pellegrino and Titus Welliver. They should have their own show!

Colorful Mini Bags

Mini multi-purpose bags. I made them as gifts for my beloved in-laws (a mom-in-law, and three sis in-laws). I used the sama color combination as the previous project.
Don't you just love the color combination?
Sweeet :)

Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

Team Guy Pearce!

I love Guy Pearce! There will be a lot of Guy Pearce fan art coming from this fan girl:). I can't wait for his upcoming horror movie with Katie Holmes, it would be nice to see him on screen again. The last time I saw him was in Bedtime Stories, where he was overshadowed by this overrated Adam Sandler. Before that was Hurt Locker, on his less than 15mins appearance! I could go on and on rambling about him, but I better save it for later:-).

Baby Set

Last month three friends were having babies, and all of them are baby girls. So I decided to make this set of bonnet, booties, and mittens as gifts to them.
Baby sets and their packages.

Clean vs Dirty

These are illustrations I made for an NGO on their sanitation campaign. Hence the compared pics, between sanitated and unsanitated areas.
Hehe, I bet people went 'ewww' when they saw the second pic:D.

My Wonderful World

Ramayana Calendar Illustration

This was a pitch project I made for a local bank two years ago. Twelve calendar illustrations for each month and the theme was Ramayana. I made the first three drawings for presentation but too bad we didn't win the pitch. They were colored by Met, a super talented illustrator.

Since I've been very fond of wayang mythology, I was so happy to work on that project. Guess our works didn't live up to client's expectation. Oh well..
Temptation of Sage Wisrawa and Dewi Sukesi
Hanuman is approaching the sun and trying to swallow it.
The wedding of Sri Rama and Dewi Sinta.

Colorful Pouches and Brooches

Another crochet project I made as gifts for my lovely nieces. I used two kind of yarns, solid color and gradation color.
Colorful flower brooches
Safety pin on the back, yea I'm terrible at sewing!
Mini pouches.

My personal favorite color:-).
Cutie, cutie!

Sean-Enny's Anniversary

I made this drawing last year requested by my friend Sean Ryan as a wedding anniv. gift for his wife Enny. The concept was visualizing their pet names, and they do have lots of pet names:-). As you can see here, some of their pet names are thematic, from Futurama to Star Wars. Since I'm also a fan girl for those particular themes, I really enjoyed making it. Especially the Star Wars-theme, guess which one (too easy!).
*click on the pic to view larger size*
My friend Sean Ryan, his wife Enny, and their daughter Okky.
Each pic was made separately in post-card size.

 Now they live so far away in USA. Miss you all guys!

Flowery Headbands and an iPhone Pouch

These cute stuffs I made as gifts for Dita, the creative mommy, and for her cute daughters, during their visit to Jakarta from Kuwait.

Yellow and white flowers headband for Arwen.
Pink and white flower headband for Leia.
Colorful iPhone Pouch for Dita.
Can't wait to see the cute little girls wearing those headbands!

A Crochet Addict

Yay, my first post! Lately I've been crocheting too much, I hardly made new drawings let alone a comic page! Hope my editor isn't reading this blog hehe *wink*. How I wish I could clone myself! So today I forced myself to produce at least one simple illustration page, and here it is, a pic of me crocheting. See, even my drawing has to be crochet-themed! :D