Senin, 21 November 2011

Seven 2011

Yay, it's time for Seven! So the rule is you draw a page for seven consecutive days depicting your everyday life.  I participated last year, and this year I was so eager to participate again, despite my pregnancy condition:). And voila, I finished it! I survived drawing Seven! I even got 'a bonus' after completing it hehehe.

Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

The Lone Gunmen

L-R: Frohike, Langly, Byers

I've been falling in love all over again with The X-Files! Hehe, old schol, ey? Not just that I admire the chemistry between those two sexy agents, but the side characters as well.

And my favorite, of course those quirky boys in The Lone Gunmen! They gave 'geek' another sexy fetish hahaha! Love love them. Hopefully more drawings of them coming!

Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

This Fangirl is Back!

Oh my God, it's been ages since I posted my last blog! Yea I'm still alive and kicking, so is this little creature inside my tummy! Yup, am expecting another one! :)

Another news, I am officially Game of Thrones fangirl now! And as a fangirl always does, here's pic of Jaime Lannister (played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) , the hunky villain. I did this drawing in Sketchbook Pro using my fingers in iPad. Don't ask how hard it was, it gave bruises on my fingertips!

More to come, hope laziness won't stop me from doing fanart again!

Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

Hellblazer Fangirl

Wow it's been quite a long time since I updated this blog. Been too occupied with my other blog hehe. Maybe I will post some of its contents in this blog also.

Currently I'm in love with Hellblazer comic, especially those series which were drawn by Sean Phillips. Damn you are good Mr. Phillips! And thanks to my friend Hikmat, the comic book guy, to give me further introduction about said artist.

And as a fangirl always do, I tried to make a doodle of John Constantine. Here it is, JC! I'll draw some more later:D.